Monday, August 29, 2011

upward rising of an underground volcano caused the wenchuan earthquake .scientist.G.Ponmudi.

The satellite image of ground deformation pattern caused by the wenchuan earthquake-2008(fig1) closely resembled the satellite image of the land deformation pattern caused by the uplift of an underground volcano in central US (fig2) indicates that the wenchuan earthquake is caused by the rising of an underground volcano.


Dr Cecile Lasserre from France’s Laboratoire de Geophysique generated ‘interferogram' images, which appear as rainbow-coloured fringe patterns, showing the ground displacement that occurred during and after the earthquake.


This interferogram provides a map view of ground movements at Yellowstone. Each color contour represents a line of equal uplift relative to the ENVISAT satellite between Sept. 2004 and Aug. 2006. Figure courtesy of C. Wicks, USGS.