Wednesday, August 5, 2009

researchers has said that the pacific ocean floor is moving in the northwest direction.

the Hawaii islands chain was formed as a result of penetration of plume while the ocean floor moved.

but there are some other island chain in the Pacific region is in different direction for which no one can explain.Why?

whenever earthquake rocked Hawaii island ,researchers attributed the so called plate motion.for example on 15 Th October 2006 a powerful 8.3 quake rocked Hawaii.

similarly on 3 rd August 1998 a 5.5 quake rocked the Tahiti island which is situated in the middle of the south pacific ocean.the island is not situated in any of the plate boundary region.

but Tahiti experienced should be noted that on that day there is no report of earthquake in Hawaii !.Why?it should be noted Hawaii also situated on the same pacific ocean floor.
this proved that the pacific ocean floor is stationary.

therefore the earthquake that occur ed in the circum pacific region is due to the volcanic activity.

the cooling volcanic liquid rock produced low density rock which tend to raise upward causing earth quake.that's why earthquake occur ed in that region in different places in different days.
There is no mid Atlantic mountain like structure in the Pacific region,

yet researchers has said that pacific floor moving in north west direction,

continents are drifting,if we Conveniently ignored the facts.