Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Facebook users can forecast tsunami for five countries.

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sub : Facebook users can forecast tsunami.

By clicking the following links you can see the real time movement of the waves of the Rome beaches.

this links can also be posted on the Facebook,and can be viewed by every one.

(please wait for few seconds after clicking this links)

this facility, can be useful to issue tsunami forecast,especially for the Indian ocean rim countries, such as India,Sri Lanka,Thai Land and Bangladesh.

because,in the past days,(27.8.1883 & 26.12.2004) tsunami has swept the Andaman islands.

after one hour,the wave have reached the Indian ocean rim countries, such as India,Sri Lanka,Thai Land and Bangladesh.

therefore by fixing the CCTV on the beaches of the Andaman islands,one can see the approaching tsunami waves directly.

on this basis,one can forecast tsunami, for the Indian ocean rim countries, such as India,Sri Lanka,Thai Land and Bangladesh.

but unfortunately i can not get the attention of the government concerned. 

Hence I request you to kindly publish this report on your highly esteemed web page.


my previous research about polar vortex

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Saturday, May 7, 2016

planets are formed at the center of dead stars

planets are formed at the center of dead stars

Researchers have found a moon sized diamond at the center of dead star called BPM 37093.which is lying 50 light years away from the earth.
similarly,Researchers have also found a super hot star,known as Pulsar 1257 + 12 which emits x-ray radiation, having small planets revolving around it. particularly the Pulsar star emit radiation which is many times stronger than that of the sun.
The question now was, how could planets revolve around it without getting wilted? During the meeting of International Space Research Center,held in the city of aspen on 07 – 02 – 2005, Dr. Mark kutchner and Dr,Sara seager have stated, ”Only diamond has the capacity to withstand immense heat.
So, only diamond planets made up of layers of diamond can withstand the excess radiation of the Pulsar star and can revolve around it without getting wilted. Hence, the planets that are revolving around the Pulsar star are the best examples for diamond planets.
Diamonds formed when carbon exposed to excess pressure and compression. Diamond is formed only at 200 miles depth in earth.
The reason is that only at such a depth there is sufficient pressure to convert carbon into diamond.
When tremendous pressure is needed for the formation of ordinary diamond, in order to form a planet sized diamond, crores of tons of raw material carbon and heat and pressure are needed to convert it in to diamond.
All this criteria found only in the center of a dead star which is surrounded by huge amount of gases. This is the reason why a planet sized diamond has been formed in the center of the burnt up star, BPM 37093.
certainly diamond can not form in empty space.therefore the diamond planets must have been formed at the center of dead stars.and later captured and evaporated by the super hot star.but only the outer gasses were evaporated,and the remaining central diamond orbit the super hot star as diamond planets.