Saturday, November 19, 2011

our earth is sinking-scientist.g.ponmudi.

image courtesy Wikipedia

Fossils of 50 Dwarf hippopotamus have been discovered on the Madagascar Island.this animal species evolved on the African continent only twenty million years ago.

This 400 kilogram African origin animal cannot swim on the water surface and it cannot even float on water surface due to its heavy weight.

Therefore this animal cannot reach the Madagascar Island by means of swimming or hitching a ride on floating vegetation.

Therefore the discovery of the fossils of the dwarf hippopotamus on the island of Madagascar which is 400 kilometer away from the main land and separated by two kilometer depth of sea water proved the ancient low sea level and land connection between the two land masses.

This also proved that the origin of sea and the rising of sea level is caused by the hydrothermal water.

This also proved the rising of land masses.