Friday, June 24, 2011

Indian ocean ridges disproved the idea of northward motion of the indian continent.

The eastern and western side ocean ridges of India which is formed by volcanic activity.

but researchers believed that the volcanic chain is formed by the motion of the Indian plate which is passed over volcano.

if that is the case then the two volcanic chain must be parallel to each other.

but the two ridges are not parallel.therefore India did not moved over volcano and present in the same location from the formation of the earth.


Researchers has said that India was separated from Seychelles 65 Million years ago.therefore according to the plate tectonic theory india must have followed a curved path.
if so then how can the motion of the indian plate can make a straight line ridge called as ninety east ridge by passing over a volcano?
ninety east ridge is a 5000 km long sea mounts which is said to be formed by the motion of Indian plate over a volcano.
but the India was said to be came from south of the Africa to the present place a path consist of curved path.
and a curved path can not form a straight line ridge such as the ninety east.
further to state that the northern part of the ridge is formed 81 million years ago.
it should be noted that the India was also said to be separated form the Madagascar some 88 million years ago.
therefore it is unlikely to form the straight line ridge and this could also prove that the continents are not drifting.
The ridges which are located on both side (east and west )India is not parallel which is not support the so called motion of the Indian plate.