Thursday, November 19, 2009

my humble reply to a email question asked by an Engineer

question You stated that the continents are "rising." I am not sure what you meant by this. Rising in relation to the sea floor?

for me the marine fossils that frequently found on all continents indicates that all the present day continents had once been under the ocean.later raised to the present height.(10,000feet)

further the ancient sea level was 10,000 feet lower when compared with the present level.

later raised to the present height.

for example the Kerguelen submerged plateau which lie two kilo meter under the surface of the Indian ocean contain wood fossils.

this indicate the ancient low sea level.

further to state that earthworms are totally incapable for crossing wide ocean.

the fragile skin of the earthworm can not with stand sun light,and when it exposed to air the earthworm soon lost it body can not stick to any lighter object such as leaf to be carried by wind.yet earthworms reached remote islands such as the Kerguelen island.this indicate that the ancient 10,000 feet low sea level.and this is the same reason why wood fossils found on the central regeion of the submerged Kerguelen plateaue.



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