Saturday, November 7, 2009

the earthquakes that occurred on the pacific ocean floor caused by the rising of volcanoes-scientist.g.ponmudi.

The pacific ocean floor is a stationary earth crust with many chain of volcanic islands formed in many different direction.

it should be noted that the volcanic islands are formed as magma under the sea floor pierced through the sea floor and rising upward above the sea level.

but some researchers especially who believe that all continents and sea floor are moving on the earth surface, mentioned the volcanic chains island that formed on the pacific sea floor, as a evidence for the drifting of the sea floor in the north west direction.

but the Hawaii island chains not formed on a straight line on the pacific sea floor,and has a 60* explain the 60*bend in the hawaii island chain, researchers stated that the pacific sea floor has changed the direction of movement 43 million years ago.

but other islands chains such as the line islands of the central pacific ocean that formed with the Hawaii islands did not have the 60* bend.

if the pacific ocean actually moved and changed the direction of the movement, then all the volcanic islands which were formed along with the Hawaii islands should have the 60*degree bend.

and the direction of the island chain should be parallel with the Hawaii volcanic island chain.

but the line islands which are formed at the central regeion of the pacific ocean floor ,which is located just thousand miles south of the Hawaii volcanic island chains, unparallelled to the Hawaii volcanic island chains,

the unparallelled volcanic island chains of the pacific ocean floor proved that the pacific sea floor is a stationary one and did not moving in any direction.

therefore the earthquaked that occurred on the pacific ocean floor is due to the rising of volcanoes only.

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