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Press Release

The rising up of tectonic plates causes earthquakes. Study Findings.

Press Release

Scientist G. Ponmudi
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Subject : I have found out through a research study that as the tectonic plates rise up, earthquakes and tsunami are caused.

Based on the fact that the bone fossils of terrestrial animals have been discovered in all continents and islands, researchers explain that once upon a time all these continents and islands were fused together and later got separated from each other and are still moving away from each other and as they move their edges rub against each other which causes earthquakes and tsunami.

But, twenty million years ago, when the sea level was two kilo meters lower, there were land links enabled the animals to spread to most of the continents and islands.

There are three important evidences supporting the fact that the sea was two kilo meters lower than it is at present.

Evidence - 1

Hippopotamuses are animals which evolved in the continent of Africa twenty million years ago.

Hippopotamuses cannot swim in water. It is important to state that they cannot even float in water as they are animals weighing three thousand kilos.

When this is the situation, the bone fossils of a dwarf variety of hippopotamuses were found in the island of Madagascar which is four hundred kilo meters off the continent of Africa .

Based on the fossil findings, it has been found out that these animals had been weighing four hundred kilos.

Eminent Zoologists have stated that these dwarf hippopotamuses would have evolved from the large hippopotamuses which reached these islands many millions of years ago.

It is important to state that the continent of Africa and the island of Madagascar are separated by a sea of two kilo meter depth.

Similarly, the bone fossils of dwarf hippopotamuses have been excavated from the islands, Cyprus , Sicily , Malta and Gritty of the Mediterranean Sea area.

But, scientists have accepted that they are not aware as to how hippopotamuses would have reached the island of Cyprus .

Hippopotamuses which could not swim, must have reached the islands only by land.

Hence, it is proved by the excavation of the bone fossils of the dwarf species of hippopotamuses in Madagascar that the animals have spread and reached these continents and islands by land links, as the sea was two kilo meters lower than it is now.

Evidence - 2

Similarly, when an oil rig was drilled in the seabed near Norway , at a depth of two kilo meters, the bone fossils of dinosaurs which lived twenty million years ago, were found in the rocky pieces and were brought above.

From the bone fossils of dinosaurs that have been discovered, it is clearly proved that during the period of dinosaurs, the sea level had been two kilo meters lower.

Evidence - 3

The rocky fossils excavated from a submerged plateau (which formed twenty million years ago,) in the Indian Ocean at a depth of two kilo meters below sea level, contained the remains of burnt parts of trees, seeds and pollen grains.

Hence, the explanation offered for the bone fossils found on the continents that the continents and islands were once upon a time fused together and later got separated and are moving away is unacceptable. The real reason is that, the sea level had been two kilo meters lower and there had been land links by which the animals were able to spread.

At the same time, the bone fossils of sea animals are found in the central part of continents, particularly on mountains.

So, originally all the land surfaces had been submerged under the sea and now have risen above the sea level.

When the hot gases and the steam from the dense molten rock, magma is eliminated through volcanoes, rock plates of lesser density are formed underground and when they rise up land areas also rise.

When they rise in this way, they rub against each other in many places which results in the occurrence of earthquakes.

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