Wednesday, October 21, 2009

chain of volcanoes are the reason for the circum pacific region earthquakes

circum pacific earthquake -the ring of volcanoes

but researchers Researchers had stated that the movement of the pacific ocean floor is responsible for earthquake.this explanation is wrong. in the world earthquakes map there is no dividing line between the Hawaii and the Samoa therefore there is no evidence to say that the pacific ocean floor is moving.if the pacific ocean floor is moving then both the islands of Hawaii and Samoa experience earthquake at the same time.but in reality only the Hawaii island experience 2000 earthquakes per year,while the Tahiti island experience earthquake occasionally which is alos a volcanic island.

therefore i conclude that the formation of new low density rock layers under the volcanic islands; the rising of rock layers and the rubbing of rock layers is the only reason for the earthquake,

Ring of fire-Ring of volcanoes.

there are 452 volcanoes found all along the circum pacific ring of fire.therefore only the volcanic activity is the only reason for the earthquakes occurred in the pacific region.

and there is no evidence for the so called plates movement.

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