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Your logical explanation for rising of continent is acceptable,

Dear Dr. Ponmudi
I read your article, it quite impressiveYour logical explanation for rising of continent is acceptable, but I dohave following doubts. Can you explain the same?1) If earthquake are happing due to rising of continent, can you proveby any means? (may be with rising level and earthquake numbers andmagnitudes)2) When earthquake are happing due to rising of continent, how can weforecast the same for building design?3) Why these earthquake magnitudes are not similar for same continentinterior?
I like to read your prereviewed and published journal papers on thistopic. Particularly earthquake due to rising of continent. If you havemore information on this topic sends to me. So that we will refer for myhazard analysis study.
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Thanks and RegardsAnbu

Dear Dr,Anbazhagan,
Good question,i will try to answer,
first i am not a doctor,scientist is my courtey title.
An earthquake is caused by the rubbing of the edges of the newly formed rising of low density rock layers with the edges of the surrounding rock layers,

molten rock from which the low density rock layers are formed by gradual cooling is found under the earth surface at different depth and at different temperature.

the temperature of the molten rock determined the formation of the volume of the rock.this in turn determine the manitude of the earthquake while rising and rubbing wiht the surounding rock layers.

similarly the depth of the molten rock alos a determining factor,for example if new rock layers are formed at deep in to the earth, then the weight of the older rock wiil prevent the rising of the newly formed rock this case the rising of rock occure slowly therfore the magnitude of the earthquake will be small.

eventhough the rising of rock layers is prevented by the weight of th older rock layers,the cooling and the formation will not be affected therfore the formation of new low density rock layers will continue to form,as this process contiued the upward pressure will be increased then due to the accumulation of the prolonged pressure or stress high magnitude eathquake can occure.-


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